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Centralis Towers are a modern condo community with contemporary life in mind. The residential towers will be the center of urban living for urbanites wanting more in life than just a roof on their heads.

Unlike vertical communities near Manila’s University Belt, Centralis Towers offer lifestyle-changing amidst the busy neighborhood. Students, working people, and families will find time adoring nature with the residential enclave’s wellness nook and landscaped gardens.

Take a dip and refresh on the property’s swimming pool and the pool lounge. Hang out at the indoor lounge with friends while planning the course for action for the day. Centralis Towers also have a co-working space for people working from home or who just like to mingle with co-workers online. The towers also have a children’s play area, garden lounge, and a lot of space to breathe during your spare time. The property is guarded 24/7 and has CCTV surveillance units for added security. 

  • Co-working Space
  • Indoor Lounge
  • Adult Pool
  • Garden Lounge
  • Wellness Nook
  • Children's Play Area
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